Why Hagen’s?

Top 5 Reasons:

5) Massive Selection – Our catalog is filled with a variety of quality component items.  We are confident that our selection in unmatched in the component industry.

4) Impeccable Quality – All spinner blades, spoons, dodgers, lure bodies, floating jigs, wire forms, industrial tools, marine items and many Larva Lace products  are made at our at our facility in Mitchell, South Dakota.  We take pride in producing quality parts.

3) Innovation – We have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing.  We are constantly striving to improve our manufacturing processes to assure top quality at competitive prices.

2) Customization – Because we are the manufacturer of many of our items, we have the capabilities to customize your order.  From painting and pad printing to stamping, we can do it all!

In addition, our complete machine shop facility allows us to custom produce a variety of products.

1) Partnership – No matter the size of your order you will get the service you deserve.  We want to serve our customers in the most convenient and efficient manner possible.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction!