Larva Lace Videos

Humpy fly tying tutorial:

Some consider the Humpy to be one of the greatest flies of all time. It floats high and lands softly on the water. Oh….and it catches fish. The light variation imitates a number of insects and acts as a great dry dropper lead fly. Tie some up today! #larvalace #fliesthatcatchfish #KISS #flyfishing #humpy #dryfly

RS2 Emerger Fly tying tutorial:

Tiny emergers can be the best way to trick fish on a feeding streak, especially when you are unsure about what they are feeding on. RS2’s can be tied in a variety of colors, but dun, pale yellow, and black are ideal. Fish these deep or mid column during autumn reservoir fishing days, or just […]

Tying the Electric Dread Shrimp:

The Electric Dread is a shrimp pattern from the late Cordell Baum Jr., aka The Bonefish Whisperer. The original tying instructions can be found on his facebook page, but this variation covers many of the bases, without some of the eccentricities. The Bonefish Whisperer had caught a lot of big Biscayne Bay fish on this […]

Easy mouse fly tying tutorial: White Belly Deer Mouse Fly

Mouse fly patterns come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The Deer Mouse has an iconic white belly that makes it an easy target for big fish looking up. The foam back and belly add to the buoyancy of this big patter, and make a big “V” wake that large fish can’t resist. Tie up […]