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  • Spoons

    Much like spinner blades, Spoons produce a wobble and light reflecting flash imitating a fleeing or crippled baitfish when used while fishing. With our custom manufactured fishing Spoons, the variety of colors and finishes are endless. The traditional Casting Spoon is available in nine sizes, over 40 different colors and an endless variety of finishes. In addition to Casting Spoons, we also offer trolling thin spoons and a great variety of specialty spoons such as the Dakota Spoon, Weedless Spoon, and the Candlefish Spoon read more
  • Hooks

    Often the hook is considered the business end of your fishing rig. Once you have attracted the fish, not just any ol’ hook will do. There are many considerations in play when choosing the appropriate hook for your fishing rig. Some things to consider include a single hook versus treble hook, live bait versus artificial bait usage, the desired lure action, the nature of the water you are fishing, and if you’re using a soft plastic body you need to consider the length or thickness of it just to mention a few.

    Luckily for you, we carry a wide variety of hooks such as the popular Aberdeen or O’Shaughnessy from common manufacturers such as Mustad, Eagle Claw and VMC to Gamakatsu and Daiichi. Our Larva Lace division even carries a complete line of specialty fly tying hooks. We have just what every fisherman needs. Even if we don’t have what you’re looking for in stock, just ask and we can check into special ordering it for you! read more
  • Spinner Blades

    When a lure is in motion, spinner blades spin creating varying degrees of flash and vibration that tend to mimic small fish. Our custom manufactured spinner blades are no exception in the world of fishing. We carry a wide variety of spinner blades ranging from the traditional Colorado and Indiana blades to the less traditional, but still effective, Dakota and Tomahawk fishing blades. All of our spinner blades are available in a variety of different sizes and finishes. Blades may also be available in smooth and hammered design and a multitude of vibrant colors. read more
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Hagen's Fishing Components is the premier wholesale tackle and lure manufacturer in North America. Based in Mitchell, South Dakota, Hagen's Fishing Components can supply spinners, hooks, larva lace, beads, bobbers, jigs, spoons, weights, and sinkers plus many more tackle accessories and items. Please see our Terms and Conditions page. Developed and Hosted by Gage eServices LLC.